Since 1996, the Gardere Initiative has proactively and diligently served the Gardere community, a densely populated community with 10,500 residents living within a 3.39 square mile area. We have replaced high crime, violence and hopelessness with community-wide resources for children, adults and families. We provide: • Adult education • After school tutoring and liaison between the child and the school • Computer access for employment and social service applications • Free books for children and adults via our "Little Free Library" • Boy Scouts for ages 5-11 • Football, basketball, soccer teams along with cheer-leading and dance for ages 5-13 • Community garden and nutrition education • Prayer and Bible Study • School break activities and a free 8-week summer program for kids that includes 2-week swim lessons • Summer employment for high school students • Community policing • First Mondays with Moms

With your help we can provide the long term, consistent and supportive care needed to develop resilient children, strong families, productive citizens and healthy communities.

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